Living Life by the 80/20 Rule

Bonita Farinelli

Jan., 2019
I am a baby boomer and the women's lib movement was very much a part of my life. Proud to say I burned my bra and did my part to gain equality. Yes, it was a positive movement and as with all change there were negative effects. One downside to that was the perception that we could and needed to do, manage households, raise families, educate yourself and more all at a level of perfection. We became hostage to the standards we set.
We all became caught up in the movement of being the best at everything. Over achievers to the max and over extended beyond in every aspect of life. Added to that came HDTV challenging us to "Do It Yourself" and we did or so we thought. 
It was not until late in the mid 90's that I was awakened to an idea that not only lightened my burden but also brought to mind an idea that would create a more balanced work force.
Let me explain...while we all have the capability of being functional at a large variety of tasks we are much better at some than others. It's okay to admit it, we aren't wired to be 100% at everything. You see, when I became alright with admitting I wasn't 100% or even 50% at a particular task I felt relieved. I began to let go of the efforts to try improve. Instead, I began to work on the things that I did well, my 70, 80, 90% and work to make my 70% an 80% and not waste time on the trying to make the 20% a 60 or 70%. It all became clear that what I did at 20% someone else did it at 80%. This is where the balance comes in to keep everyone working at their 70% plus levels and not have the entire world trying to do it all. 
While I admire the efforts of You Tube tutorials it can't take the place of a professional who's level of expertise is an 80%. And while they are trying to create a universe where everything is able to be done online the truth is that the knowledge acquired through experience and longevity far surpasses the basics of an online search. Time to free yourself of the pressures, enjoy the freedom of letting someone do your 20% and focus on making your 70% an 80% percent, we will all benefit.
Looking forward to being the 80% + of your next decorating adventure. 
Creatively Yours,  

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