To DIY or Not! 



We are an educated society in more than just the academic aspect.


We have become brave and taken on the challenges we would have never done without the almost immediate access to resources to guide us.  


So, you have made the decision to do this project yourself. The question is should you/would you/do you ever ask for the advise of a professional? Absolutely! Please note that I said advise, not someone who will take over the project or destroy your sense of adventure and accomplishment.


My DIY consulting has become a very popular service. I am here to give you the guidance you ask for, to fill in the blanks of your project and to help when you are drowning in a sea of samples. I do have access to items that are "to the trade" and yes, I will search for that perfect something that you may not have the time or accessibility to find. 


Okay, let's talk about affordability. The truth is that saving money is sometimes the driving force and I respect that completely. So, I offer a little of Bonita's expertise or a lot with a cafeteria style menu of services which includes hourly, 1/2 day, full day and project based rates.  


Feel more at ease about taking on the role of a DIY with a side of designer? Think about it, the next time you are out and happen upon that "something" that you think would work but aren't certain you could be one text away from professional guidance.  


I wish you well on your DIY adventures and is okay to ask for directions.




Creatively Yours, 



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