Bonita Farinelli

April 2, 2018
Living to Resell
     Soo, the day has finally arrived that you are moving into your new home, be it a single family dwelling, condo or townhouse it is now home. It may be your first home or one of many if you are a part of the work force that moves with your job or that long awaited retirement home. 
     Whether you have had envisioned the way you intend to make it home prior to moving in or if you are one who likes to get a good feel for the space, you wait (btw, statistics say many wait 5 years to start making changes). Either way, it is time to make it yours! 
     This is where you determine whether you will truly decorate to make it reflect you and your lifestyle OR will you be living to resell? The tendency to decorate with the next move in mind influences the masses. Partially do to the guidance of Real Estate agents who will tell you a neutral canvas is an easier sell...or is it? 
     As an Interior Designer I will tell you that in today's world homes with character, detail and design are sought after. It represents the fact that someone cared, that they took time and invested in their home to make it their sanctuary.
     Past experience has proven that the clients who sold their homes as they had decorated and not neutralized it sold faster and with more profitability. A perfect example of that is a home that I decorated from floor to ceiling with furnishings, window treatments, accent pieces and carpets. The rooms were rich in color, fabric and details...truly enjoyable. The couple had decided to sell however they put it on the market as is, they loved it and hoped to sell to someone who felt the same. Not only did the new owners love it, they bought it with the stipulation that it was sold with all the contents! 
     So, let's talk about when you do need a Real Estate agent, some of whom are my best friends. I will tell you that finding the perfect buyer for your home is just as important as finding the perfect realtor to sell your home. It requires a desire to respect the seller and buyer. The "match maker" who doesn't just sell cookie cutter homes, someone excited to sell your home and all that is reflected in the way it is decorated and designed. 
     It is my true desire for you and your home to enjoy a decorating adventure, exploring and evolving for as long as it is yours and not to spend the entire time "living to resell." 

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