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“Changing with the times” is a phrase that applies to every business, big and small. Along the lines of change, this concept applies to the position of an Interior Designer. So here it is, a brief description of the Interior Designer.

Today, Interior Designers must work hand in hand with their clients; these clients are more knowledgeable in regards to what they would like to achieve in their space and how they want to go about it. They are involved, educated by HGTV, involved in DIY (Do it yourself), and have had internet exposure.

This requires an interior designer to show value in their services. Their variety of services need to include comprehensive design services, consulting hourly or project based, and DIY consulting, in addition to the standard color consultations, target based projects and space planning.

Just as some of the best wines are a blend of grapes, a good Interior Designer is a blend of designer, engineer, architect and artist. An Interior Designer should be resourceful and most of all passionate about your space.

Once you have decided on the assistance of an Interior Designer you need to find one that best suits your needs and personality. For those who are not as artistically inclined, the right Interior Designer will serve as your eyes and ears, helping you along your decorating adventure, painting a picture of what is to come, and holding your hand through-out the process.

Please understand this really is about emotions as well as budget and functionality. Presenting ideas or pieces that are so amazing to the space, that certain detail that you, as the client, must have, and working the project to make it fit. The right designer should help their client spend their money wisely.

Looking back to the past and remembering a day when a designer could dictate that everything had to go. The vast majority of clients today have a specific item(s) that they want to keep. Most of the items aren’t really difficult to make work however there are those exceptions. An example is Martin’s chair in Frasier. As a designer, his/her job is to incorporate that “must stay” item into the new space or to educate them on the whether the piece will compromise the new design. It requires patience on the part of a designer to understand this item has emotional value to you otherwise you wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Remember, just as life is made up of moments, rooms are made up of details. It should be a priority to never settle just to fill a space. Each item should have character, a story and complement each other and be a delight to look at both in its entirety as well as the individual pieces for years to come.


Bonita Farinelli

Sept. 1, 2015

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